In order to qualify for a Project Grant, and thus a distribution of BANK, your Project must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have one or more Champions. This individual will serve as the main point of contact for anyone to reach out to regarding the Project.
  2. The Project must have a channel in the Discord where BanklessDAO members can take part in the development of the Project.
  3. The Project must have a Project page on the BanklessDAO's Notion. This is where all the information regarding the Project is easily accessible, for anyone to understand the benefits of the Project to BanklessDAO.
  4. New members may visit this page to get involved in the Project, and other BanklessDAO members may visit this page to see the progress that is being made on your Project. (See Instructions and Template)
  5. Projects must have a multi-sig set up with at least 3 signers. Funds will be distributed to this address. (Guide can be found here)
  6. Projects must have been posted to the Bankless DAO forum to gauge community consensus following the proposal template. Polls must have at least 30 votes and be open for 7 days.
  7. Once the prior requirements have been met, members can complete the Project Grants Application Form.
  8. At least one representative from your project must attend the next Grants Committee call to speak on behalf of the project. Grant Committee calls can be found on sesh in the #calendar channel on the BanklessDAO Discord