If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, you’ve come to the right place!

What are Dream Grants?

Dream Grants are partial or fully funded grants for creative projects that will be built or brought to life at Somewhere 2022. ⚡ Any would-be profits from participation contributions to Somewhere go directly and fully to funding Dream Grants! ⚡

This initiative uses dreams.wtf but is unrelated to the Plato Project.

👨🏼‍🎨 How to Apply for a Dream Grant

  1. Go to Somewhere Dreams, create an account by clinking this button and then clicking ‘register’. The verification email may be in Spam or All Mail.


  2. Click this button in the top right corner.


  3. Click the New dream button to create your dream proposal.


  4. Fill out the dream page, with information & budget. This will be visible for anyone to comment!

  5. After submission, your dream will be reviewed for publishing! This may take up to a few days.

  6. Your dream will be open for public comments and feedback. Additionally, participants may reach out to collaborate or volunteer on your project

  7. Your dream will be reviewed & granting will be allocated by the volunteer dreams board!

Grants will be approved as early as April 1st, 2022.


In order to be reimbursed, you will need to provide receipts for your expenditures.

Grants may only cover cost of materials and transport!

You will only be reimbursed up to the amount you were granted.

Reimbursement will happen shortly after Somewhere, the latest being September 1st, 2022.