About subscriptions

The subscription gains you access to a set of the stations on the network. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless you choose to not renew.

Subscriptions do not include any airtime, although brand new users receive a one-time credit as a thank-you for becoming a new customer.

Upgrading subscriptions

You may upgrade to a higher-priced subscription at any point in the middle of that subscription period. The new subscription will be prorated by the remaining time on the existing subscription. See below for an example of how upgrade pricing works.

Downgrading subscriptions

You cannot directly downgrade a subscription, but there is a process to downgrade: signing up at a lower rate. Simply set your existing subscription to not renew, wait for the expiration day to pass, then sign back up at a lower price.

About monthly airtime usage

Once per month, all connections from past month are tallied up and you are automatically charged the amount that is due.

The airtime accrued during the month can be viewed at any time from your account page. It is updated in real-time.