Our team of experts has gone deep, category by category, to be able to form a comprehensive view of where you are spending money to support your household.

We combine this data with our database of industry insights to be able to create a real time forecast of how your household expenses over the next 12 months will vary from those over the last 12 months.

This forecast is only an estimate. After all, none of us can predict the future. But it can provide a good starting point to understand how different household costs come together, and what sort of plans you may need to make to face the year ahead.

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The way we calculate your increase

We sum up what you spent over the preceding 12 months and compare it with a forecast of what you will spend on the same services over the next 12 months.

<aside> 🚧 We are hard at work to improve our forecasting calculations. to make sure they cover as many scenarios as possible. If you see strange or inexplicable results, or the results are not what you expect, please let us know.


The types of information we use

Nous integrates many sources of information from a large number of third party data providers. We expect this list will only increase over time, as we add more connections and features to our service.