Evlaa is a tool for photographer. We help you to save time by optimizing your workflow to get the photos selections of your client.With Evlaa, you will be able to create private collection to allow your client to visualize, rate and comment on all your photos from their smartphone, tablet or computer.

At Evlaa, we strongly believe that it's important to keep the relationship human and that your clients need to be confident since photography is a very emotional aspect of the life.

That's why we never contact your clients at any time.

To allow them to rate and comment your photos, you need to send them, yourself, the private link. They will be more confident if they receive directly from you and with your words the link with their photos.

  1. Create the collection directly from Lightroom
  2. Retrieve the private link from Lightroom
  3. Send it to your client.

Note : when you login to a collection, the new url has a unique id directly linked with the email you use to login. This is how we can save ratings and comments and how your clients can do their selections in multiple times. So keep in mind that if you share a link after login, the clients will not need to login again and will use the email you used to login to your collection.