Payout Breakdown & Fees

While we’d love to give you 100% of your bounty, we have to keep a small amount to pay our team and maintain the Bount platform. Additionally, our payment processing partner, Stripe, charges us for every transaction and payout which we must also account for.

A breakdown of these fees:

Fee Amount Purpose
Bount 10% Used to build, improve, and maintain Bount
Stripe 4-6%* Billed by our payment processing partner, Stripe

Example Bounty Payout

Let’s assume you’ve successfully claimed a bounty worth $1,000. Your payout could look similar to this:

Initial Bounty Value $1,000.00
Total Pledges Collected $980.00
Bount fee (10%) -$98.00
Stripe fee (4.15% + $0.55) -$41.22
You earn $840.78

The total pledges collected value may be slightly lower than the initial bounty value due to uncollectible pledges. On average, fulfillers are paid out approximately 85% of their bounty reward.