nlbb works in three steps:

  1. Do exercises You can complete one exercise each day. The exercises are about five minutes long and are designed to teach you techniques that will help you use your smartphone in a more healthy way in everyday life. The exercises are a mix of audio sessions and open-ended questions, and are personalized to your needs. They are designed so that you always take away something new at the end of the exercise. We recommend that you always complete the exercise from beginning to end in one sitting - it makes learning easier.
  2. Complete challenges You’ve heard it before: New knowledge is only half as valuable if you don't apply it. That's why we have created challenges. At the end of each exercise there is a challenge. We challenge you to transfer what you have learned into your everyday life and to apply the new knowledge. It's easy, after all, we use our smartphone every day. In the app, we remind you under "Challenges" which challenges are currently open. Once you've completed a challenge, you can check it off in the app.
  3. Choosing courses You start with the basic course, in which you learn and practice the basics of healthy smartphone use in ten short exercises. After that, you can choose from many different courses in the area in which you want to learn a healthy use of the smartphone. Our courses are up to date:

Our team of health psychologists is constantly working on new content and courses, all of which you can find in the app.