written by Madekuji-san

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We have the core idea:

Notify people about good VTuber subs through a Twitter bot.

The big question is,


As someone who may have some knowledge working with basic APIs, web development, and programming, for some reason I still have no confidence meddling with two of the necessary APIs:

Twitter's and YouTube's APIs.

So I have to find something that can do the task for me; and not just connect the two APIs, but also automate the processes so that I can worry about other things.

🔹 Step 1: The Plan

First, we have to plot out how our automation scheme is going to look like.

We know that we're gonna need to do three things:

  1. Take channel upload notifications and information of videos via YouTube API
  2. Use some form of automation to modify and process the information taken
  3. Use the processed information for the Tweets to be sent