As a lender, you can decide whether to offer delivery on your item or not. When listing your item, you can choose whether to offer delivery for an additional $10. Currently, we only have this flat rate delivery option. This $10 will be added to the lender's withdrawal request.

  1. For kayaks, canoes, bikes and other items that need to be mounted on a vehicle, minimum order value should be $100 to be eligible for delivery, which costs $10.
  2. For everything else, the minimum order value must be over $20 to be eligible for delivery.
  3. If a borrower wants an item delivered, we recommend they contact the borrower prior to requesting the item to ensure the lender is available for delivery at that time and can deliver to the location needed. Lenders are not required to deliver, so ensure they are available before requesting your item.
  4. Lenders needs a minimum of 24 hours notice for deliveries.
  5. Lenders must be notified 24 hours in advance about any change in the schedule for pickup.
  6. The availability of this service is subject to the availability of the lender. While lenders may list delivery as an option, they are not required to deliver an item if they are unable or unavailable to do so.