1. Build in public 🔨

You build in public. What this involves?

  1. Share progress and updates regarding your project or your startup
  2. Share analytics, and more
  3. Share what you learnt building it each week
  4. Share mistakes you made and the better decision to make
  5. Share failures and what you learnt from them. Also how to avoid them
  6. Share achievements, users, testimonials and more


  1. Have patience
  2. Always think of how what you write actually helps the other person
  3. Drill down on a single platform initially. For me it is twitter
  4. Cut down on fluff
  5. And most importantly, be consistent

2. Learning in public 📢

You learn in public. What does this comprise of?

  1. Share you key takeaways from each day or week.
  2. Showcase a learning goal and create accountability.