Coming up with ideas

New ideas are discussed in Slack.

There are three types of ideas: product features, bug fixes, and technical debt.

  1. Technical debt

Technical debt issues are filed like normal ideas, but moved under a specific column and addressed in their own queue. Anyone can file these.

Our approach to solving these tasks is mostly freeform, though I recommend starting with the most recently updated as a proxy for priority.

These issues are not moved to ‣ but instead can be deleted as soon as they are moved to GitHub.

  1. Bug fixes

We file each bug as reported by creators (using the Bug report template and noting repeated requests). Once two creators report the same bug, it may be prioritized by being brought up in Slack.

  1. Product features

The board of ideas we have has these columns:

Once we decide to prioritize an idea discussed in Slack (meaning we’ll work on it in the next Quarter), ideas are filed in the Icebox under No Status. Things that get stale may be deleted–don't take it personally.