No matter the meeting, Dive is there to help you save time, define goals and roles, and energize your team.

Dive is making meetings better for thousands of teams at companies like Facebook, Google, Airtable, Collibra, and Paypal. So, when are these teams opening up Dive?

Our top use cases are:

Dive for hosting town halls & all-hands

With company-wide meetings on Dive, employees feel connected and part of something bigger than themselves. Transform your meetings with clear agendas and engaging features that leave your team pumped up for the projects ahead.

Dive for one-on-ones

Build trust & camaraderie by hosting your one-on-one meetings on Dive. Best performing teams start with strong individual connections, and Dive makes it easy to host regular check-ins based on open communication.

Dive for rituals & recurring meetings

No more meetings that leave your team asking “what am I doing here?” Easily host all of your recurring meetings, like stand-ups and weekly socials, to Dive. Optimize your time so your team gets more done in less time.