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Initially published on Substack — May 11, 2020

If you ask any kid what they want to do when they grow up, they will likely say that they want to become a content creator, influencer, or streamer. A couple of months ago, I stumbled upon this tweet from the content creator: Eddy Burback, and I think it perfectly summarizes why most people want to become content creators.


Content creators are making a living doing what they love.

I’ll be the first to admit that becoming a content creator full-time is incredibly difficult. With that being said, if you manage to build an engaged audience it can become a very lucrative career.

The biggest content creators have become the modern-day rockstars — mansions, expensive cars, designer clothes, etc.

Creator monetization is an area that I think about a lot, and I wanted to help demystify this world for casual viewers and fans. Content creators are always looking for new ways to diversify their income and have a sustainable career. Monetization is, arguably, the biggest pain point for content creators. As a result, there is a tremendous opportunity for new platforms to emerge in this space.

To keep things simple, I will focus on the major revenue streams and platforms that have emerged for content creators:

Most content creators try to leverage all of these revenue streams.

It’s important to highlight that if a content creator isn’t “brand safe,” they risk cutting off several of these revenue streams.