Using ShareBuddy

ShareBuddy works by automating shares of other peoples items in a category that you choose.

By default ClosetBuddy is already set to use ShareBuddy. If you chose FollowBuddy or CommentBuddy you will need to change the action in settings back to "Share".

Please follow the directions below to open up the settings page.

How do I open the "Settings" page?

Once there, locate the CommentBuddy section, change the "Action" to "Share", and press "Save".

Open up ClosetBuddy again and then press "ShareBuddy" at the bottom of the page.

The app will restart and begin sharing items on the category that you choose.

Changing the category

You may also choose the category of product that you wish to share. Do that by changing the category of the "Category to Perform Action On" setting.

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