If you’re interested in OMFS, you came to the right place. Firstly, follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest goings on in the world of OMFS!

<aside> 📌 Without doubt, the best way to find out more about maxfax is to spend some time in theatre seeing some OMFS first hand, and ideally getting scrubbed up and involved. Finding this experience can feel a bit daunting, but we have all been there! Have a read below for advice about how to contact a supportive consultant local to you to help you organise some experience.


I’ve found a consultant to email, but I’m not sure what to say!”

I’m a student, I’m worried no one will take me seriously”

Don’t be shy! OMFS has a fantastic reputation for being extremely kind, encouraging and supportive to junior trainees and students. It’s never too early to get involved and explore your interest in OMFS! See our database of supportive friendly consultants who would love to have you come along and shadow and chat about maxfax.

Looking for advice but don’t want to speak to a consultant? - The JTG have you covered! Follow us on social media to see our awesome community who are there to answer questions or support you. Additionally the regional reps & university reps are on hand to answer region specific questions and are happy to be approached by anyone at any stage of training looking for information or advice.

Getting started checklist!

  1. Follow the JTG on social media for regular updates!
  2. Check out the “getting involved” page
  3. Find a local OMFS unit using our department finder!
  4. Contact your regional rep for more information!