Using **Zilswap,** you can get and connect into your $PELE Tokens.


  1. First, make sure you have acquired $ZIL and created a Zilpay wallet.

Pelenia has various ways you can gain an accumulate the $PELE token.

As it is for a lot of new investors , Crypto is a scary place , that is where we aim to help.

You can purchase your tokens from The DEX but if you would prefer a more risk free entry, maybe we have just the tonic.

We champion equality and opportunity, we dream of a more level playing field no matter your background.

987 we bring to you the Financial freedom Scholarship. We have written a short course for people interested but uncertain about crypto.

We want to bring you bite sized easy to absorb introduction to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and NFTs. Using a combination of resources from text to audio and visual , because everyone learns differently. each section will be tested and as a result you will be rewarded with $PELE.

at the end of the course we hoe you will have learned how to turn these rewards in to bigger gains.

We want to give you the best start to Crypto life. If at the end you feel Crypto isn’t for you, then you are free to cash in on your rewards and do as you wish.

Although we feel once you are armed with fear disintegrating knowledge, you will feel confident enough to take your free investment and turn it on to a life changing investment.

With the FFS rewards we will offer you the option to lock up your tokens in a staking contract at the end you will receive a larger sum of rewards. This again can be reinvested and locked up again. alternatively if you want easier access to your tokens but also want to earn rewards, you can enter them pegged with Zilliqa in a liquidity pool.