First, what type of document are you editing?

A. One of FormSwift's Templates →

B. One That I Uploaded Myself →

A. Editing Text on One of FormSwift's Templates

After you've opened up a document template, you'll see a set of question and answer fields on the left and a preview of your document on the right

Edit Text on the Template

To modify the answers you've typed:

  1. Click the "Menu" button

  2. Click on the section that you want to edit

  3. Click on the field of text and make your changes

    1. Delete the current text and type something new
    2. Click the green "Save & Continue" button
    3. Your new text will now appear in the PDF preview on the right

To add, delete, or tweak the pre-existing text within the template, you can convert your document into a Word file: How do I download my document as a Word file? →

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B. Editing Text on a Document I Uploaded Myself