You decided to launch your course and start getting cohort members on board!

Cohort-based courses are a great way to offer your audience resources, assignments, events, community support to specific groups of students or learning communities.

Here is the checklist for launching a course on Clustered:

  1. Download the Clustered app and create an account.
  2. Create the content for your course on the Web or mobile app.
  3. Once you're ready to launch, submit your course page request to create a public page for your course.
  4. Your course will then be available on the Clustered courses page and have a specific link you can share with your audience.
  5. Set up a registration process - do you want people to apply or register directly?
  6. Members complete their registration by signing up and paying for the course.
  7. A Cluster is created and the members are automatically added to the Cluster
  8. You can start engaging with the members on the app! Send them events, messages, questionnaires, polls and more!
  9. Kick off on the starting date!