Our vision for cloaked is that you can use cloaked wherever you are. So we are busy developing tools for cloaked to be with you wherever you are on whatever device. These include:

Dashboard webapp

Creating a cloak in the dashboard is manual (compared to the browser extension). However, these steps demonstrate clearly what cloaked does and how it works.

  1. Log into your cloaked account

  2. Click on either the "+" or the "Create ID" in the header


  3. Select "Account" if you are making an online account or "Email" (or "Phone") if somebody asks for your personal information

  4. If "Account", copy-and-paste the website URL


  5. If "Email", type in who (or what) it is for. This will be the prefix of the cloaked email. The system may prompt you for another name if the prefix is not available


  6. If "Phone", type in who (or what) it is for


  7. Click "Create ID"

  8. Then you can adjust forwarding settings. For example, if you want to stay in the loop, you can have all emails from that company be forwarded to your recovery email (i.e., personal email)

  9. Note there is also an option to input existing login information. This is for "non-cloaked" accounts that you would like to save in your cloaked account to store all your information in one place


    Once you've entered the account information as a cloak, the browser extension will also recognize the account and can login for you seamlessly


  10. Ta-da! You just created a cloak

Browser extension

The browser extension is the most seamless way to use cloaked. After installation, cloaked is with you online and ready to cloak when you need it.

  1. Install the browser extension