Please watch this video example on how to use ListingBuddy:

  1. Head over to this Airtable link that has been set up as a template for Poshmark:

  2. Click on "Copy Base"

  3. Signup for Airtable so you can edit it

  4. Once you're back on the template, click on the item to modify it

  5. If you need, click on the Yellow "+" sign to add additional items

  6. Click on the ellipses to export your inventory as a CSV

  7. Head on over to Poshmark and open the ClosetBuddy app

  8. Click on "ListingBuddy". Click on "Import CSV". Once that loads, you can select the item you want to post and click "Post"

  9. This will automate filling out the form for you. Once it's done you can make any modifications you need. Remember to upload the photos to Poshmark as ClosetBuddy (nor any other tool) can do that for you.

  10. Finally click on "Post" at the bottom to post the item!

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