Amex really cares about small business owners as they are one of customers on the marketplace.

So how does a company like Amex use story telling to their advantage ?

They share stories about what will happen to small business owners when something specific happens in the economy. This helps business owners learn what those changes would mean to them and adapt.

Both amex and the business care about the economy, surviving and thriving as a business especially on specific macro economic events are timely things that are of common interest to both Amex and their customers who are business owners.

General Electric

They have a website called GE reports to engage with their customers. Here GE write stories about different employees in their companies. These are stories GE and their customers cares about.

Also these are stories that you could read now or 10 years from now which makes it evergreen stories about the company and its people.


A company like Groupon uses content primarily to sell and convert customers on specific deals. These could be both timely and seasonal stories based on the deal. So they are timely or seasonal stories about the product itself.

Obviously companies can interchange strategies but using these as constrains could help you understand how to tell the story better.