After your rental is completed, and the item has been marked returned, you will be prompted by email to leave a rating and review for the other person about how the transaction went. You can also leave a review through the platform by navigating to your messaging panel and clicking on the item in question.Then, from the left-hand drop-down menu, click on “Completed,” and then click on “Review.”

How does the rating system work?

It’s pretty similar to other ratings and review systems for marketplaces — both you and the other user will be prompted to leave a review after the transaction is completed, and you can review the item itself, the other user, and the overall transaction quality. We’ve designed it so that the community self-regulates in terms of which users can be trusted and which can’t be. If you have a bad experience with a user, or a product not being as advertised, you can of course leave a bad rating, but we’d also like to hear about it.