There are various ways to try to fund your creative project in collaboration with the Pelenia DAO. They can be used in combination or all together:

These three steps could be executed in sequence. Inputting a PFT contract to either the PELE Portal or DAO will likely increase the interest in your project.

But first….




Liquidity Provision (LP)

Smart Contract


Slice a PFT

Your Project Fun Tokens are like your project’s little raffle ticket. Use it to offer creative perks to your community, like NFT giveaways, exclusive memberships, or VIP tickets. These are not stocks or shares in your project, but rather golden tickets to offer hyped-up members of the village who want to catch a glimpse of inside the mysterious chocolate factory.


It is our hope that the community can find a way to develop our own PFT contract, unique to the ecosystem. For now, though, a PFT is a simple ZRC-2 token.

Current Version

PFTSwap uses a filter to only show token smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain with these conditions met.

Future Versions