Upload has to include a link to a page with an audio player for the player card to work. The link itself has to be included for the card to be displayed, but it is up to you where the link should redirect when a user clicks on it. You have 3 choices:

  1. Feed link – this is the URL included on your podcast feed. It probably is the link for your podcast's website.
  2. Episode link – this is the URL included on your podcast feed for the specific episode being uploaded. It probably is a link to a page on your website that lists more details about the episode. Because this isn't typically used in podcast RSS feeds, we will fallback to the feed link if it is not.
  3. Custom link – this is a URL that you can choose.

To change the link used, go to the podcast you want to change, click the Settings tab, scroll to Tweet link, and under Tweet link choose your selection.