I think that many designers, developers and makers are all dreaming about being independent. I know I was...

First it’s independence in terms of what you do: being able to choose your work, to create something of value, to have creative control — ultimately, to create a product worth creating, not just deliver something that a client will pay for.

Second it’s independence in terms of money: being able to earn good money while doing good work.

This may sounds a bit naive, but this was my dream. I made it come true and I’d like to share how I’ve done it. Not to brag, but rather to share. I wish that more talented people would take the risks and work for themselves on things they truly believe in.

How client work led to making the first icon pack

I've been doing web and interface design since 1998. I loved the work. But after a while a lot of what I was doing began to feel very repetitive. I felt like I was wasting a lot of time doing the same thing — over and over again.

To save time, I started buying icon packs made by other designers to reuse in my projects. I constantly ran into problems with them: it was hard to find an icon I was looking for, or a collection was missing some critical icons that I needed for a specific project. All in all, there was no consistent and comprehensive icon set out there.

I realized this around 2010, and I decided to create my own design framework — just as a fun side project. I created an Interface Design Framework, which I released for free. It was very well received in the design community, encouraging me to create more graphic assets.


2010 - The "User Interface design framework", is the first design framework providing consistent graphic styles, icons and UI elements.