Showing up for work

On Team Edgar, you show up for work the second you log in to Slack, our group chat program. If you’re running late or have to pop out of the office for a bit, please send a quick update to the team via Slack (in the channel for your department) and adjust your Slack Status if you're able to.

Avoid Private Chats

Only one rule in Slack = avoid private work-related chats! Find the appropriate Slack channel for your convo and use an @-mention to let someone know you’re talking to them.

Obviously, some stuff belongs in a private message, and some stuff is not a big deal either way. Here are some examples of what makes sense to be in a private message:

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Slack Etiquette + Best Practices

Friday Meetings

We have one non-negotiable all-hands meeting time each week: 9:30am Pacific / 12:30pm Eastern every Friday. Fridays are our "get everything on the table" day.

Thank You Thursday

On Thursdays, we hop into the #props room on Slack and take a few minutes to say thanks to a team member who is killing it at their job.

Why? Everybody on the team helps and contributes to our productivity every single week, often invisibly or just between small groups of people. The objective of Thank You Thursday is to ensure we’re remembering to publicly recognize all those contributions on a regular basis.

What if I have nothing I want to recognize this week?

It’s ok to skip a week. This is especially true for anybody who prefers to thank people for their help (publicly in Slack!) throughout the week rather than saving everything until Thursday.