Flat And Autonomous


We're not really a fan of corporate bureaucracy and the top-to-bottom hierarchies that comes with it. We operate on a flat and open organizational structure.

We don't do formal company trainings either. We believe in a trial by fire. We can point you to the right direction, but ultimately – your growth is dependent on your effort, grit and resilience.

We value everybody's opinion and insights. We operate on a meritocratic culture. We see potential over perfection. You are here because we see potential. But most importantly – because we trust you.

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

We also believe that by giving people power over their time, it makes them perform better at their craft. However, this comes at a price called accountability. You ultimately become responsible for shipping good work. And if that scares you – don't worry, we'll be here to mentor and guide you every step of the way. As long as you show up every day and give it your best eight hours - you'll be fine.

A Shipmate's Day

Most of the time you see us being silly laughing at George's corny jokes, playing Mario Kart or watching cat videos on Youtube. But when it's work time, it's work time.

We believe time is the most precious finite resource we all have. We all love our time.

We adapted Google's 80/20 Innovation Model and tweaked it into the Abstract Growth Model. Wherein 80% of your time is spent on core projects, while 20% is spent on personal growth.

A shipmate's day consists of 8 hours

6 hours (2x working blocks)
2 hours (learning, OKRs, growth, calls & other meetings)

Work Blocks

We schedule work in 3-hour work blocks. Everyday, you'll need to render at least 2 of these working blocks.

Growth Blocks