Reduce cancellations by 1%-4.5%, or 2800 to 8000 shifts annually.

User Problem That We’re Solving

HCPs frequently late cancel/NCNS because of car issues: their car broke down, their ride didn’t show, etc. This causes an undue burden on our users; they have to either cancel their shift and face the consequences or pay out of pocket to get to the facility.

How are we solving the problem?

Let’s subsidize the cost of a Lyft or Uber in-app if an HCP is cancelling due to a transportation-related issue. I envision two ways to do this.

Investment Hypothesis

HCPs late cancel because of transportation issues and are often in a financial situation that does not allow them to advance money out of pocket to get to a shift. We create a solution to help them get to their shift using existing transportation infrastructure. We’ll reduce the number of cancellations, thus improving the overall experience on both sides of our marketplace.

When HCFs get a shift booked through CBH, they’ll be more confident that it will be worked. When HCPs have a car-related life issue, they won’t have to go through our policy team to ensure they can continue to work, and we’ll improve their overall experience on our platform.

Summary & Context

About 2000 of a total of 45000 cancellations in the last 3 months were due to car issues (4.5%). HCFs also report unreliability in HCPs as a primary issue they have with using our platform to get their shifts filled. We also have anecdotal evidence from Wei’s experience founding this company that helping to pay for transportation costs improves the chances of an HCP working a shift.

What’s Next