Thanks for checking this out! This doc gives an overview of how we communicate internally at Warp.

Choosing the right medium

It's important to pick the right communication medium. Choosing the wrong one can cause interruptions and prevent people from getting in the flow.

Email is for asynchronous communication and should be the default for any question or update that does not need to be answered immediately.

Slack or Text is for synchronous communication and should be the default for communication that needs to happen in real-time. DO NOT use slack unless you really need to interrupt the person you are slacking.

Meetings are for deeper discussion and decision-making where written communication would be inefficient.

Documents and Wikis are for creating written artifacts. DO NOT use slack rooms in place of creating proper documents when we need a structured, living container for knowledge.

Visuals and Designs are often the best way to communicate (as opposed to communicating with words). If something is better said with a picture, mock, prototype or presentation - say it with one.


Email should be the default communication mechanism.

The advantages of email over slack are: