Below you will find our step by step instructions on how to write a problem and solution essay writer, including examples of each of the points that should be included in your essay as well as common pitfalls for students when writing this type of essay. We hope these instructions are helpful for you and wish you all good luck with your studies!

Step 1: Write An Outline

The first step in writing any essay is to start with an outline of what you are going to write. This will help to ensure that you stay on task and not skip any important steps that need to be included into your paper. For this type of essay, it is particularly important to follow our outline as a problem and solution essay has quite a few different parts that all need to go together properly in order for your argument to make sense.

Step 2: Introduce Your Topic

Introduction Paragraph: Here you need to introduce your topic. You should write a paragraph which includes the following information:

Step 3: Present the problem

Body Paragraph 1: Here you need to write your first body paragraph. This will be where you state the problem that you are discussing in this paper. You should state any relevant information that is necessary for context as well as give background information for why the problem exists and if it has ever been recognized by other people. It is important here to illustrate exactly what the situation is and then include a statement outlining WHY there is a problem that needs to be solved.

Body Paragraph 2: Here we need to begin explaining how our topic might be solved by answering this question: What will happen if nothing is done? This is where you point out any problems that might exist with not solving your problem. Most often these issues are monetary, environmental, health related, or there may even be a moral argument that could be used (e.g., keeping kids safe from guns).

Step 4: Describe how to solve the problem

Body Paragraph 1: This is where you need to begin explaining how the problem can be solved. If it isn't possible to solve the problem completely, then you should specify what measures could be put into place to improve upon this situation or at least reduce the effects of this issue. You should also use any examples that you have collected for your research paper in order to give further proof of why these solutions will work.

Body Paragraph 2: Following from Body paragraph 1, here you need to explain how each one of your solutions will work. The best way to do this is by giving an example of what a potential solution would look like and then follow it up with how exactly that solution could work in practice. Remember it is not necessary to explain every single solution that has been proposed, as you only need to explain the ones that work best.

Step 5: Provide an example solution Conclusion: Here you need to summarize the points that you have made. You should write a short sentence stating which solution you think is best and why it is the most beneficial for everyone involved. Include any information that you want readers of your essay to remember as well as anything important that has been left out during the main body of your paper/essay.

A problem and solution essay is an effective way to show your understanding of a topic. This type of writing is often used in academic contexts, but it can also be used for personal reflection or professional purposes such as job applications. The key thing to remember when free essay writer are crafting this kind of essay is the time-honored formula: state the problem, provide background information about the issue that led up to its occurrence, offer a possible solution (or explain why there isn't one), and finally come back around with some final thoughts on how addressing the problem will solve other problems too.