Access Control

Contact: @Qing ze Hum (QZ on Discord) or Puncar for help

Workstream Leads and Coordinators

Receive Full Access GitcoinDAO's main page

⛔️ Do not give Access at all including views and comments⛔️

These Databases contain important information and cannot be shared freely

  1. Fundraising Databases (Rounds, Funding, Funders League, Grantees) as it contains important information on the grant rounds
  2. Onboarding Database as it contains personal information

📄 Limited Edit Access📄 (not full access)

For contributors that help to scribe your meeting minutes

  1. Meetings + Minutes DB

For contributors working for GitcoinDAO (Contributor Access Bundle DBs)

  1. Working Documents DB
  2. Initiatives DB
  3. Contributors DB