Access Control

Contact: Kyle Jensen or Puncar for help

Workstream Leads and Coordinators

Receive Full Access GitcoinDAO's main page

⛔️ Do not give Full Access at all including views and comments⛔️

Any access should be granted through the Access Control channel at Discord, any GitcoinDAO core contributor have access to that channel and can request the access.

📄 Limited Edit Access📄 (not full access)

For contributors that help to scribe your meeting minutes

  1. Meetings + Minutes DB

When Onboarding Contributors to GitcoinDAO

  1. Contributors DB - but only for their own row so that they can fill their information. This is because our contributor list is important to keep personal yet protected.

👁 View Access👁

  1. Informational Databases (Workstreams, Roles, Contributors, Open Positions) as these are crucial for people to start participating in GitcoinDAO
  2. GitcoinDAO's main page