This “how to” guide was put together for companies facing the difficult decision to reduce staff and who want to handle layoffs with respect and dignity. It provides a high level framework for planning, communications, and support during and post a reduction in force. This is a simplified framework and process designed for companies:

<aside> 💡 Note: There are legal implications to reductions. Be sure to review your plans and severance documentation with your employment attorney in advance of implementing a reduction in force to ensure you are in full compliance of the law.


Before getting into logistics and planning, we believe the following principles are critical to handling a reduction in a healthy, respectful way:

1️⃣ Plan Carefully

2️⃣ Communication Day

3️⃣ Support for Affected Employees

4️⃣ Support for Remaining Employees

If you have questions or need more support with any aspect of a reduction in force, you can reach us at