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How to Bid

  1. Buy ETH (Ethereum) and set up a browser extension with Coinbase, MetaMask, or another wallet. Purchasing usually takes up to 5 days for the first time.
  2. Create an OpenSea account
  3. Connect your wallet to
  4. Place a bid on for a specific amount. The reserve starts at 0.25 ETH. You must match or exceed this reserve price if you are the first to bid. If the reserve is met, your bid must surpass the current bid.
  5. Confirm the bid in the wallet and pay gas fees. When the transaction is complete, the funds will be held in escrow until the auction is over, unless outbid. Funds will return to those who are outbid. Gas fees are non-refundable.
  6. When timing is up, anyone can settle the auction, and the Sunrise NFT will automatically move to the winner’s collection. You can view it on OpenSea.
  7. Each auction must be settled for the next auction to begin, so please settle as soon as possible. You will not lose your NFT if you do not settle right away or if someone else settles for you.