The basic process that return rabbit follows to serve you and your shoppers is as follows:

  1. The shopper goes to your shopper portal and creates a return or exchange request (on their existing Shopify order).
  2. ReturnRabbit will issue a label for the shopper, if requested. The shopper ships back the items to you.
  3. Once you have received the items, you perform an inspection on the items to ascertain their conditions, and whether they qualify for a return or exchange based on your policy. This step can also be automated on the basis of shipping events.
  4. You can choose whether to restock the received items back to Shopify or not.
  5. Once the above steps are completed, the return or exchange can be authorised from admin interface. This step can also be automated
  6. Once you authorise the return, a refund will be processed immediately. If the shopper has returned multiple items, the refund will be processed as soon as all the individual items have been authorised. In case of an exchange, as soon as all the individual items are authorised, a new order will be placed on Shopify with the new items requested by Shopper.
  7. The shopper receives their refund or exchange items and the request is closed.

Now, there can be a few context specific questions that arise during this flow.

Now, let's take a detailed look at what happens to an order service.