What is the profit of using Paske for stores? What are the differences between a shop with the Paske system and a usual supermarket?

We do not interfere with your business processes, we do not break the logic of the shop work, but we improve the status and operational functionality of your store.

Paske lets you reduce costs. With our app the depreciation of shopping baskets and carts equals zero. You do not lose your clients, spend great amounts of money on disinfection and other measures against the viruses. Moreover, you get new customers who will not come to other stores that are not part of the contactless shopping system. By joining this system you will reduce wear and tear of windows and other trading facilities with the maintenance costs. According to NRSS (National Retail Security Survey) data, in the result of theft retail stores lose about 1.5% of their trade, but in our case the buyer’s lack of physical contact with the goods greatly reduces the chances of shoplifting.

Have you ever heard of the administrative board and all the benefits it has? Well, here it is. This tool carries out the analysis of the performed operations quality, calculations of required resources and optimal number of staff, distribution of the workload between staff and many other useful functions. Did you know that customer-driven product policies increase the number of buyers by at least 20%.? Just try and rest assured that this modern advanced tool would guarantee you surpass the competition. That superiority would be achieved not through the price policy changings, but through the introduction of new technological solutions. We will also help you to create your brand style, upload it in the app and support your firm.

Using direct contact to the audience through the Paske app you can inform your clients about advertising, offers, promotions, announcements and many other proposals that means an effective client engagement and implementation of affiliate programs through advertisement in the app. Paske gives you an opportunity to convey personal proposals to clients based on their purchases, set advertising according to their preferences, and get feedback. Because of the nature of our app you can know a lot about customers: where and how fast they walked around the saleroom, how much time they spent there.

Despite attracting new customers and retaining old ones, reducing costs and using new advertisement tools, improving the quality of service and protecting from virus cells and infections, the app lets your shop show itself as an organization which cares about the protection of its customers from COVID-19 and its analogue.

Our app allows the economy not to suffer, allows you to keep your trading chains open and maintain employment — business will be saved and all the consumer needs will be met without any losses. With Paske your commercial secret and all your clients stay with you.