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About The Hub

The Hub a public database of opportunities (i.e. internships, fellowships, scholarships, jobs, etc.) for any and all students/professionals in STEM fields (specifically those in the natural sciences). The database is designed to be easy to navigate and search, using key terms, tags, and/or filters. It is also constantly being updated with new opportunities.


The is regularly updated with commonly asked questions about The Hub's database and newsletters. If you have any questions, please check the Q&A first, if your question is not listed, email thehub@invitechnology.com

Opportunities Database

The & contains an ever-growing list of opportunities, which are shorted into categories (see image below) and tagged (based on eligibility and academic status) to streamline searches. At the top of the @nonthere is a button that will either ready "Show Description" or "Hide Description (shown on image below). To read more about the database, built-in views, and how to search it, refer to the description box at the top of the @& .

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Opportunities Newsletter

New Opportunity Newsletters are sent out biweekly on Mondays to The Hub's emailing list. Newsletters highlight new entries to the database, as well as new job, graduate school, and postdoc opportunities.

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