Welcome to AutographNFT! You’re able to request autograph signatures, which wrap and mint brand new valuable synthetic NFTs from your original NFTs. You’ll be able to collaborate and recreate NFTs in the future as we launch more products, as part of the project.

<aside> 💡 You Should Know: This does not destroy or damage the original NFT. You can remove the autograph and restore your NFT to its original value at any time.



What is an Autograph?

An “Autograph” is a socially verified signature on an NFT, making them more valuable and rare. Autographed NFTs have the original value and characteristics of the original NFT. We verify the authenticity of the autograph using Twitter, verified in the Ethereum network with a signature request.

Does it damage or alter my NFT?

The Autographs do not change, alter or damage the original NFT characteristics or value. The owner of the NFT may remove the autograph at any time.

What happens to the NFT when it's autographed?

The NFT is locked in a smart contract that only the owner controls, and mints back a synthetic aNFT with the Autograph characteristic.

Can I remove an autograph?