1. Sign up to write here. We start a new project—a Prosetrain—whenever we have 12-20 writers. You only sign up for new Prosetrains, not ones that have already started.
  2. We send out a pre-writing form before each Prosetrain so you can indicate favorite prompts and unavailable dates. Look out for an email from team@prosetrain.com.
  3. We send a shared Google Doc for the story and each writer’s assigned day to write to your email address. We also send you a text with your day to write and remind you by text on your day to write.
  4. When it’s your turn to write, you have the entire day to add on 2-15 sentences to the story draft. You do this in Suggesting mode. You can take the story in nearly any direction you want, though there is a general theme to guide your work.
  5. We approve what you write—make sure you check the Guidelines!
  6. See your writing become part of a much larger narrative as other writers add on. Use comments to suggest ideas for where the story can go, or to praise a particularly good section.
  7. You suggest story titles, and we send out a final wrap-up form where you vote for a title, fill out your writer profile for our website, and give us feedback.
  8. We publish the proofread story on our website.

“I try to leave out the parts that people skip.” —Elmone Leonard