We did it boys.

First tweet to go TRULY viral from me.

I've had 1k and 2k tweets, but NEVER 26k.


In this email we'll talk about 4 things that made it go viral and 1 thing I would've changed to make it even better.

1. Reference to a meme.

You've seen this, right?


When you reference something people know, your writing gets more interesting. The mental hook is set. The image is clear in the reader's head. And he'll react with something likeĀ "oh, haha I get it."

Which is why you shouldn't say "fast food" when you can say McDonald's.

Or "Binging TV Shows" when you can say "watching Netflix".

References helps get your point across, use them more often.

2. Visuals

(Don't abuse this)

Visuals are often more powerful than writing because we're visual creatures.

What's more powerful?


"You're always in an upward trajectory whether you realize it or not."

or this?