We are currently taking applications from groups of 2-3 people who wish to host their own Conversation Club sessions. A teacher will attend the class, but the guest hosts will run the conversation by themselves. If you don't have a group, we will try to match you up with one.

If you prefer, you can ask to be a co-host with a teacher.

How to get started:

Think of a topic you would like to discuss. You may want to refer to this list to give you ideas. You may reuse a previous Conversation Club topic as long as it has been at least a month since the last time it was discussed. (See #classes-info for previous topics). Each topic should have around 5-10 follow-up questions.

Use this **form** to suggest your topic.

If selected, you will be contacted to discuss your group and topic. Once approved, we will work to schedule a date and time for your class.

Requirements for student hosts: