You can purchase a Drop via the warehouse. The warehouse will have a page that has items that are available to buy at certain times.

Countdown Timer

When a drop isn't active, a countdown timer will be present indicating when the next drop will be available for purchase.

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Purchasing the items will require you to be logged in and have a Genies account and Dapper Wallet.

You will be required to enter your credit card information during your purchase. Once your transaction is approved your item will appear in your Dapper Wallet & Genies' Closet.

Entering The Warehouse

If you have access to The Warehouse, you can view the drop by clicking on the image above the 'notify me' button. You'll notice if you're eligible to participate in a drop by the purple box on the top left side of each wearable view.

All items with a Drop will have a "Notify Me" button prior to a drop or sale being accessible. You can input your email to be notified when the drop is live. **At present this functionality is not working so you will need to set your own reminders for the drop.

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Our Prices

You'll notice we're primarily focusing on low price points for primary sales. We want primary sales to be accessible for everyone. When the secondary marketplace is available the market will determine the true value of items via secondary sales.

Drop Details

The drop will be first come first serve and available for 24 hrs or until all the items are sold out.

Each drop may contain multiple wearables available for purchase. Each user is limited to purchasing one of each wearable from the drop, maximum.

If an item states that it's sold out, there is a possibility that it technically isn't if one of the transactions fails and the item is returned back to The Warehouse. This means if an item says it's sold out, there is a possibility additional inventory may appear after 10 minutes of showing 'sold out' for people to buy (read 'purchasing a drop' below for more information about transactions).

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