Heyo 👋 Jordan here,

I wanted to understand social media growth better and to share what I learn with more people. I’ve been following Alex for a few years now (thanks YouTube algorithm) and his strategy resonated with me.

Below you can find my detailed writeup, extra notes, and additional resources that I currently use to base my content creation around.

Thanks Alex for summarizing his experience and thank you for reading!

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The Blueprint

Source: the Think Media Podcast — Part 1, Part 2. This is Alex’s presentation and words visualized — I transcribed and formatted it to make it easier to read/skim. Additional notes for me are in comments.

<aside> ❗ Disclaimer by Jordan: Alex was already an expert marketer and speaker with 5+ years of experience in making podcasts + videos for his gyms and his portfolio of businesses. Those 6 months are not his entire journey, just this aspect of it. You will get there yourself in your own pace.

I hope this helped you as much it helped me!



  1. Why Alex decided to do it
  2. What, how, how much
  3. Observations/Learnings

He’s surprised that this worked and it’s his first time doing it. Those are his experiences and might not work for everyone. Didn’t want to be famous for a long time.

[Section 1] Why Alex Decided to do it

Alex’s Backstory

Leased a gym and slept on the floor of it for the first 9 months.

Made it successful in a year.

Opened a new location every 6 months after that. Ended up with 6 locations after 3 years.

For the next 18 months (met Leila during that time and partnered up) did gym turnarounds. Flew across the country filling gyms up (hands-on sales model). At their peak 8 sales guys turnaround 8 gyms every month. Became tenuous logistically.