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Regardless of the specific idea, our main goal is to have a research proposal that assesses the potential usage of AI for a climate justice and computer vision problem

Project idea: How wildfire risk is affecting socially vulnerable locations in Portugal

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The Rural Fire Danger - Conjunctural and Meteorological Index (RCM) is calculated daily and results from the combination of two indices:

  1. the “Fire Weather Index” (FWI), updated once a day by the IPMA;
  2. the “Rural Fire Hazard Index", which includes a structural component of decadal periodicity and a cyclical component of annual periodicity, which takes into account the burnt areas of the last three years, both under the responsibility of the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests (ICNF).

The integration of the two indices is carried out by applying a weighting matrix. Agglutination by administrative unit (County and District) is carried out by weighting the highest class values, considering the threshold of 20% of the highest classes (80th percentile).

IPMA - Mainland Rural Fire Danger

EFFIS Wildfire Risk Viewer

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