To increase the safety and intentionality of your group / home, you can set up a series of "Gates" that people have to pass through before they can join.

Right now, there are two kinds of gates.

  1. New Member Survey (aka. "Question Gate") - use this to require members to answer a series of questions that you set before they can join your home
  2. Rules - use this to require that people agree to your homes rules before they can join your home

Over time, we're planning to add more kinds of gates (i.e. pay gates)

To add a new gate to your home...

On Mobile

  1. Open a home and press the gear icon (⚙️) to open the home settings menu
  2. Tap "Gates"
  3. Tap to "Add a new gate" (or edit an existing one)
  4. Choose to add a "Rules" gate or a "Questions" gate (aka. New Member Survey)

Screen Shot 2021-09-03 at 9.51.48 AM.png

On Web / Desktop

  1. Open a home and click "Settings" below the home's name in the side menu
  2. Click "Gates" in the menu on the left side