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I truly find the dashboard to be the most practical when it's simple, straight-forward and uncluttered.

Mental Health & Daily Mood

At the top, the Digital Mood Tracker field corresponding to the current day is displayed. This is to remind you to fill it out.

Tasks and Events

Under the mood tracked, I display the Recurring Events & Tasks entries that are overdue or due today at the top. These are the elements that require my attention. Beside it, there is a list of tasks or events that are coming up soon.

Entries can be recurring, in which case the next due date will be calculated automatically. The fields needed are:

Active Deliveries

As someone who has become obsessed with online shopping over the quarantine, I need help keeping track of what's coming. I find the dashboard is the best place for an overview of it! Find the template here: Mail Delivery Manager

Saving Goals

Seeing my saving goals on my dashboard on the daily keeps me motivated to work towards them. If that's the case for you too, you can check out this template at Saving Goals Tracker