🙌 Intro

We created this workspace on to notion to facilitate collaboration between Polish and Ukrainian law clinics through:

What's New

This homepage is to be filled with information on the people who help support this project and basic guidance on how it works.


👀 About project KYIVLePP

Ukrainians in Poland and Poles in Ukraine will have access to legal aid because of Polish-Ukrainian successful cooperation in KyivLEPP

Legal clinics in Poland and in Ukraine join their efforts in Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program to create a cross-border interactive IT platform for legal clinics.

⚡ This web resource will enable exchanging cases and working with certain cases together.

⚡ Students will have more opportunities to learn online, to exchange experience.

⚡ In long term perspective the platform will help citizens of the two countries to solve problems in tax, employment, border crossing issues. Read more 👉 https://cutt.ly/gbiMxHa

Ukrainian Legal Aid Foundation (Українська фундація правової допомоги), Координаційний центр з надання правової допомоги, Legal Development Network (Мережа правового розвитку), Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (Міністерство юстиції України), PRAVOKATOR.Kyiv legal club (PRAVOKATOR правовий клуб.Kyiv) and The Human Rights and Justice program of the International Renaissance Foundation (Міжнародний фонд "Відродження") together created the #KyivLEPP design-thinking.

🤝 Team from Ukraine and Poland