Buy NFTs to save Ukraine and stop war

Holy Water’s goal is to raise $1M+ for the Ukrainian people suffering from the war by selling NFTs. They’ve united 500+ Ukrainian artists, including such prominent names as Pavlo Makov, Tiberii Silvashi, Waone Interesni Kazky, who donated their artworks to raise money for Ukraine and stand up to the invader.

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Holy Water AMA with Dima Buterin

Ukraine DAO’s Multisig member & Vitalik Buterin’s dad, on supporting Ukraine DAO and the importance of small good deeds.

Check out this great AMA with Dima here:

Holy Water AMA with Alona Shevchenko

“There are no civilians in Ukraine now. Every Ukrainian is fighting against Russia” and this is why Ukraine will win.

Listen to Alona’s conversation with Bogdan from Holy Water here:

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