This document outlines the high-level plan for The plan is divided into three phases.

Phase 1 (Completed) is a static website displaying the ranking and profiles general from external data. Users can log in to get additional analytics and notifications features. The website offers a couple pre-defined lists (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.).

Phase 2 (Underway)

In phase 2, the website is moving from static to accommodating user-generated content.

Users can add labels to help the system identify relevant content. They can also create entities and add relationships between entities (e.g. a company and its team).

The users can choose to view all the content from the perspective of their chosen home cluster.

Users adjust a number of settings that define what they consider "Bitcoin cluster". This includes:

The settings of individual users will be aggregated and the weighted average will serve as the standard setting.

They can label other groups as — 'friendly', 'neutral' or 'hostile'.

They can still view the page. To them, the website retain similar functionality as in the Phase 1.

Phase 3

The name was supposed to imply that it is just the first hive. The version 3.0 of will finally deliver what the name implies — thousands of budding hives. In this phase we open the features previous available to Bitcoiners to members of any cluster.