Wavefive was founded by Jim Cousins in 2021.

Jim has decades of experience in Enterprise IT both as an Engineer and Architect. After spending nine years making cryptocurrency investments in his spare time, and inspired by the leap of faith he saw others taking, Jim decided to take his passion for Web3 technologies full-time.

The main motivation for founding Wavefive was Jim's participation in The Graph Protocol's Mission Control Testnet where he was humbled by the positive responses that came from investing skills, time and effort into Web3 projects rather than just offering up capital. Since the early days of Ethereum, Jim has become increasingly interested in experimenting with the capacity for governance, be it on or off-chain, to provide a basis for challenging central power authorities. Wavefive is an extension of this thinking and a way to bring these ideas together across the many blockchains that exist today and understand how individuals can become active participant-stakeholders in a protocol, and how they might create previously inconceivable careers for themselves in the new information age we find ourselves in.

Where did the name Wavefive come from? Martin Gurri, The Fifth Wave 🌊