Our process

How do we hire

The entire process is fully remote and all communication happens over email or via Zoom. The calls are all 1:1. We know you are interviewing us too, so please ask questions. We are happy to answer.

Our hiring process is structured as follow:

  1. Initial Call: An initial call with our Founder & CEO, Mokhtar.
  2. Interview Call: 45-to-60-minute follow up interview call with our CEO.
  3. Technical Test: You will be required to complete a technical test.
  4. Reference Checks: Three 15-minute calls with previous coworkers or managers to gather insights about yourself.
  5. Culture-Fit Call: A member of our team will have a call with you to assess your cultural fit.
  6. Final Call: Mokhtar will have a concluding call with you.
  7. Offer: Upon successful completion of the previous steps, we will extend an offer to you.